John 20:19-23 The Appearance of Jesus to the Disciples

When it was evening of that day  (the first day of the week) and the doors – where the disciples were – being closed because of fear of the Jewish authorities – Jesus came and stood among them and said: ‘Peace be on you all.’

And having said this he showed them his hands and side to them, so the disciples were joyful when they saw the Lord. 

Then Jesus spoke to them again: ‘Peace be on you all. Just as the Father sent me, I send you too. ‘

And having said this he breathed and said to them:
‘Receive the Holy Spirit. 
If you forgive the sins of anyone they have been forgiven for them,
if you hold on to anyone’s unforgiven (sins) they will be held unforgiven.’

O Love, O God who created me, in your love recreate me.
O Love, who redeemed me,
fill up in me whatever part of your love
has fallen into neglect within me.
O Love, O God, who first loved me,
grant that with my whole heart,
and with my whole soul,
and with my whole strength,
I may love you.

Gertrude the Great

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  1. A small,possibly sightly semantic ” observation” as you say ” All crucfied people have ” scars”.
    Jesus probably did, as he was alive, but Barabus the thief next to him , and others would have ” wounds” not scars, as scars are formed by healing ( living) tissue- like when you have your appendix removed, but crucfied people arn’t living, so can’t form ” scar tissue”

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