Ephesians 4 14-18

For he himself is our peace,
who made both (groups) one (group)
broke down the dividing wall,
          that is the ‘fence’;
  in his flesh
having abolished the hostility
the law,
          that is the commandments
              (consisting) in decrees
so that
  he might create
(from) the two (groups)
    in himself
      one new human
        so making peace
  and to reconcile
them both
  into one body
    to God  
      through the cross
thereby killing the enmity.
And he came
  and preached peace to you – who are far away
and peace to those who are near,
for through him
  we both have access
    by one Spirit
      to the Father.


O Lord Jesus Christ,
stay beside me to defend me,
within me to guide me,
before me to lead me,
and above me to bless me,
that with you and in you,
I may live, and move and have my being,
for ever and ever.

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