Ephesians 3 14-19

For this reason
I bow my knee before the Father,
from whom every family in the heavens and on the earth
is named,
that he might give to you all
according to his rich glory
to be strong with power
through his Spirit
in the inner person,
that Christ might live
through faith
in your hearts
by love
firmly rooted
and well established
that you may be fully able to understand
with all the holy ones
what is the width,
and length
and height
and depth
and so to know
the surpassing-knowledge-love of Christ Jesus
and that you might be filled up
to all the fullness of God.

O Love, O God who created me, in your love recreate me.
O Love, who redeemed me,
fill up in me whatever part of your love
has fallen into neglect within me.
O Love, O God, who first loved me,
grant that with my whole heart,
and with my whole soul,
and with my whole strength,
I may love you.

Gertrude the Great


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