Colossians 4 7-9

Tychicus, will make known to you my circumstances:
-He is, the beloved brother
and faithful servant and fellow-slave in the Lord
-whom I am sending to you,
for this very thing:
that you may know about our situation
and that he might encourage your hearts,
– together with Onesimus,
the faithful and beloved brother,
who is one of you.

They will make known to you all the things (going on) here.

O Love, O God who created me, in your love recreate me.
O Love, who redeemed me,
fill up in me whatever part of your love
has fallen into neglect within me.
O Love, O God, who first loved me,
grant that with my whole heart,
and with my whole soul,
and with my whole strength,
I may love you.

Gertrude the Great


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