Colossians 4 10-18

The Lycus Valley

Aristarchus, my fellow-prisoner (of war) greets you all
– and Mark,
the cousin of Barnabas
(about whom you have received instructions,
when he comes to you,
welcome him),
– and Jesus,
who is called Justus,
these are from the circumcision,
(they are they only ones
amongst my fellow-workers for the Kingdom of God,)
they have been a comfort to me.

Epaphras, who is one you,
greets you
– a slave of Christ Jesus,
– he is always struggling in prayer for you all,
so that you might stand
and fully assured in all the will of God.
For I bear him witness
that he works hard for you
and those in Laodicea
and Hierapolis.

Luke, the beloved, the doctor greets you,
and Demas.

The brothers/sisters in Laodicea
and Nympha
and the church of her house,
greet you.

And when (this) letter is read among you,
make (sure) it is also read in (the church) of the Laodiceans
and that you read the letter from Laodicea* too.

And say to Archippus:
‘Mark the ministry which you have received from the Lord
-that you complete it.’

This greeting
by my hand
of Paul.
Remember my chains.
Grace be with you all.

*(i.e. the letter Paul wrote to them)

Be thou a bright flame before me,
Be thou a guiding star above me
Be thou a smooth path below me
Be thou a kindly shepherd behind me
Today – tonight -forever

St Columba


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