Colossians 3 22 – 4 1

Slaves, obey
in all things
your earthly masters,
not only when being watched
like people-pleasers
but (obey) with sincere hearts
out of reverence for the Lord.
Whatever you are doing,
work from the soul
as for the Lord
and not for people,
knowing that you will receive from the Lord
‘the inheritance’ as a reward.
Serve the Lord Christ.
For the one who does wrong
will be repaid for the wrong they did
and there is no favouritism.
Masters give your slaves
justice and fairness
knowing you too have a master in heaven.

Grant, Lord,
that we may hold to you without parting,
worship you without wearying,
serve you without failing;
faithfully seek you,
happily find you,
and forever possess you,
the only God,blessed now and for ever.

St Anselm


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